If you care about it, then we will too


More and more children are becoming more and more nearsighted (myopic) at an earlier age. By 2050, scientists expect 5 billion people …

Interview with artist Raby Florence Fofana

Interview with optician Carolin Hahn

If you care about it, then we will too

From Amsterdam to Berlin The brand Suzy Glam was founded by Etienne Frederiks and Susanne Klemm in 2013. Etienne started as an …

Lesca invites you to explore a diverse mix of eyewear history

Antwerp eyewear brand Theo represents individuality and avant-garde design.

Die Concrete Dreams-Collection

“Wearable architecture” is the term used to describe the works of Berlin-based Designer Amélie Riech. With a strong focus on artisanal production …

Intensive Workshop for Healthy and Relaxed Vision

A Movie Hitman’s Iconic Sunglasses

Make a statement with vintage sunglasses

Defining fashion in Berlin is no easy thing...

Wunderkammer Lunettes

Like many others in Berlin at the time, Geyer started her business spontaneously in 2006

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