Suzy Glam

From Amsterdam to Berlin

The brand Suzy Glam was founded by Etienne Frederiks and Susanne Klemm in 2013. Etienne started as an optician in 1990, and went on to manage and pioneer successful new eyewear concepts in the Netherlands. Swiss-born designer Susanne was educated at the Universities of Arts in Zurich and Utrecht, where she trained as a 3-D designer, then went on to create contemporary jewelry. Susanne also had strong roots in the optical world — she knew it well from spending her childhood in her father’s store, and she also trained as an optician herself. So it was a logical step for Susanne and Etienne to come together and start Suzy Glam.

The pair’s design process is quite unusual: they design from scratch. Rather than starting with a two-dimensional drawing or a computer render, future frames are shaped by hand. They are then fitted, adjusted, and perfected in 3-D. That means Suzy Glam eyewear is literally formed on the face. The brand is convinced their design process leads to superior fit and balance, resulting in stylish glasses that are both object and accessory.

The specially designed frames from Suzy Glam are available as both corrective glasses and sunglasses. You can find them in a variety of color and size combinations in our stores in Berlin Mitte, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, and Berlin Charlottenburg. If you’d like to try any special Suzy Glam models, sizes, colors or designs we don’t have in stock, we’ll gladly order them for you.

Faithful to their original designs, the frames in the collection are available as corrective glasses and sunglasses in a wide variety of color combinations and sizes in our shops in Berlin Mitte and Berlin Charlottenburg. We are also happy to order any additional models, sizes, colors, or designs for you.

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